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Adding Vignette® Modern Roman Shades to Homes

Adding Vignette Modern Roman Shades to Homes near Edmond, Oklahoma (OK), to Sunny Rooms

Searching for the perfect window treatment is often equal parts stressful and fun. While looking at colorful patterns, fun designs, and unique ways to hang window treatments is fun, finding the right shade, shutter, or blind for your home takes a lot of thought and sifting. However, if you are wanting a shade that offers safe designs, low maintenance, and light control, then look no further. Read on to discover why adding Vignette® Modern Roman Shades to homes is a great choice.

Adding a Safe Design to Your Windows

When it comes to window treatments, cords can become an annoyance for several reasons. For example, homes with small children and pets will constantly have to worry about trips and tangles. On the other hand, homes without pets or children will constantly have to battle with adjusting the cords just right so you can enjoy shade or sun. Sometimes, it can feel like you are playing the puppeteer to some unruly puppets that have a mind of their own! Fortunately, this is one of the benefits of adding Vignette® Modern Roman Shades to homes. Featuring a cordless design, these shades are both easy to operate and safe to hang in any room in your home. These custom roman shades also come in a wide range of gorgeous colors and patterns for you to choose from.

Adding a Low Maintenance Design

As much as we love a clean shade, constantly maintaining the window treatments in our homes can be a headache. Fortunately, another one of the benefits of adding Vignette® Modern Roman Shades to homes is their low-maintenance design. If your shades could use a little sprucing up, all you have to do is wipe them down with a cloth to get them looking good as new. No intense deep cleaning needed. This is an especially great perk for homeowners that have busy schedules.

Adding Custom Light Control

While a pretty shade is great, it does no good if it doesn’t offer functional benefits as well! Fortunately, another one of the benefits of adding Vignette® Modern Roman Shades to homes is their premium light control capabilities. This allows you to enjoy softly-filtered light, shade, or privacy when you need it most. These custom Roman shades also come in a variety of opacities, so each room in your home can get an ideal level of light or shade. For example, a darker opacity will allow bedrooms, media rooms, and home theaters to enjoy pristine shade and privacy all day long. On the other hand, a lighter opacity will fill a room with soft light to set a relaxing, inviting tone. You can also utilize the Vignette Duolite® option that combines both a sheer and room-darkening fabric for ultimate privacy and light control.


While there are many check boxes when it comes to finding the right window treatment for your home, choosing Vignette® Modern Roman Shades will easily tick off each box. To learn more about the benefits of this custom shade, be sure to contact or visit us at the Premier Blinds today. We are located in Edmond, Oklahoma, and proudly serve Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills, OK.