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Salt from the streets, oils and fluids from your car, and more all subject your garage’s floor to quite a bit of punishment. They need extra protection to help them resist stains and cracks. Fortunately, Premier Blinds offers solutions to homeowners looking to protect their investment. We can apply coatings and paints to your garage floor, including floor paint, concrete stains and sealants, and epoxy flooring. Edmond, OK residents can rely on our expertise and commitment to using quality materials to provide the protection they’re seeking. We know how to complete critical preparation work before applying a coat, and our team understands the challenges associated with floor coating work.

Affordable, Yet Tough Floor Paint Solutions

If you need to fortify your garage’s floor, but don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of epoxy flooring or other solutions, then consider floor paint. Concrete floor paint is a stronger version of the paint used on the walls throughout your house. In addition to the price tag, concrete floor paint offers another crucial benefit: ease of use. You can use the same paint rollers you utilized when painting your house, and it’s easy to touch up down the line. However, there are some things to consider before proceeding with this route:

  • Latex-based paint is much easier to apply than oil-based varieties because it has a low-sheen, flat finish. Oil paint is much glossier.
  • If you use an oil-based paint, priming the floor is crucial to ensure effectiveness. However, oil paints are more durable than latex paints.
  • Overall, floor paints aren't as robust as some of the other options we offer. For instance, it is susceptible to road salts and other chemicals. As a result, you’ll need to address the paint each year.

Premier Blinds Epoxy Floors Brighten Up Your Garage

Epoxy paints use two-part formulas to deliver one of the toughest floors money can buy. However, they are trickier to apply and easier to mess up than floor paints. They aren’t ideal for do-it-yourself application because they require extensive prep work and fast, efficient work. Premier Blinds recommends the professional implementation of all epoxy flooring due to how complicated the process can be. However, once applied, epoxy floors offer the following undeniable benefits: 


Garages tend to be dark, even when well-lit by overhead lighting. But there are ways to reduce gloominess and make the space appear brighter. Epoxy floors produce a high-gloss surface, which reflects the light in the garage, resulting in a brighter and more inviting environment.


Epoxy is a hard-wearing surface capable of resisting continuous foot and vehicular traffic. While the upfront cost is higher than floor paints, the long-term savings are significant. You won’t have to pay for touch-ups due to use or repair damages.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners already have enough chores to complete. Epoxy flooring reduces garage-associated tasks because they require little to no maintenance. Keep the garage swept and rinse once a year to maintain its sheen and appearance.


If you're looking for an investment designed to last a long time, then look no further than epoxy coating. The surface is perfect for homeowners who wish to protect the investment they've made in their homes without worrying about replacing the coating down the line.


Epoxy floors don’t just look great. They also protect concrete floors from damage. They can prevent wear-and-tear created by repeated traffic and blunt force – such as dropping tools – and deliver excellent additional benefits to homeowners.

Staining and Coating for Better Garages

Concrete stainers and sealants are other options for homeowners looking to protect the concrete surface found in their garage. These two options work well as alternatives to epoxy flooring and floor paints. They deliver excellent protection but in different ways. They include:

Concrete Stains

Concrete staining is a two-coat process that soaks into the concrete and creates a pigmented appearance. When done correctly, it resembles natural stone. We use rollers and sprayers to apply the stain and then a nylon scrubbing brush to finish the process. It doesn’t protect the concrete, but it can be combined with sealants to deliver protection, in addition to appearance.

Acrylic/Latex Sealants

While not as tough as an epoxy coating, these sealants still provide excellent protection. You will need to apply annual waxing and reapplication every few years ago. One benefit of an acrylic or latex sealant is it will stick to the concrete floor much better than a urethane sealer.

Urethane Sealants

While urethane is tougher than acrylic or latex, it lacks the bonding abilities the other two sealants possess. However, it provides a clear and high-gloss finish, which resists chemicals better than epoxy. While it is pricier than acrylic or urethane, it is a good option for homeowners.

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Premier Blinds wants to help you build a better and more functional garage. While addressing the floors is an excellent way to do so, we also provide shelving and cabinetry. Garages tend to be disorganized. We can help by providing high-quality, mountable, and adjustable cabinets for power tools, gardening equipment, sports gear, and more. To learn more about what Premier Blinds has to offer, contact us today.

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