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Epoxy/Polyaspartic Hybrid Flooring

Epoxy Flooring allows one of the most important surfaces in a room, the floor, to bear the weight of our everyday lives. and as such often shows the wear and tear of daily use. This is especially true in high traffic areas or places that carry a heavyweight load like the garage. Cement garage floors are prone to damage from heavy use and often bear the ugly scars of a well-used surface. Epoxy flooring is one way to make unsightly cement beautiful again; garage floor coating resurfaces old flooring to create a shiny, uniform topcoat that brightens up tired, damaged floors. So, when looking at options for your refinishing your garage, consider the many benefits that an epoxy garage floor provides.

Epoxy garage floor Edmond, Oklahoma (OK) get durability, easy maintenance, and sleek style with epoxy flooring


Simply put, our flooring is made from a two-part chemical compound that when mixed bonds together to form a hard, nearly indestructible surface coating. Epoxy flooring is valued for its incredible durability and modern look with customizable features. Epoxy flooring is valued for its incredible durability and modern look, with customizable features and a variety of colors.

With Premier Blinds epoxy floor coating is applied in less than 48 hours for a fast, hassle-free installation that results in beautiful, professionally finished flooring.

Installing an Epoxy Garage Floor

Step One: Prep

The floor is prepped for installation by diamond-grinding the flooor, and thoroughly cleaning the existing cement floor to reduce imperfections and dust particles so that the epoxy resin has a pristine surface to adhere to.

Step Two: Base Coat

A base coat of premium quality epoxy is applied in a smooth, even layer to the entirety of the resurfacing area. This layer will adhere to the cement base layer for stability and act as the anchor for the finished epoxy floor coating.

Step Three: Flakes

For slip-resistance epoxy flooring flakes are added at this stage, which will give the final product textured grip. Flakes are broadcast on the uncured base layer and left to dry overnight. Excess flakes are vacuumed away and the floor is scraped to smooth down rough spots after the base layer is cured but before the top sealer is added.

Step Four: Sealer

A topcoat of industrial-level polyaspartic is applied as the sealer for the epoxy flooring. This is what gives epoxy floor coating its hard finish and polished, glassy look when fully dried.

Step Five: Drying

After 12 hours of drying epoxy floor coating is dry enough to allow for light foot traffic; after 48 hours the epoxy flooring is ready for heavy use and fully operational performance.

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From the installation process itself to the years of low-maintenance use and an equally low price point, the benefits of epoxy flooring are wide-reaching and can help improve the comfort, safety, and style of your home and daily life.

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Extremely Durable

The unique two-part cohesion of epoxy results in flooring that is incredibly durable with high tensile strength. This makes epoxy flooring great for high-traffic areas and it’s able to also hold unbelievable weights without damaging the top layer. The smooth, hard surface of epoxy floor coating also makes it extremely resistant to elements that normally wreak havoc on flooring. Epoxy floors are:

  • Moisture and Water Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Stain Resistant

Easy to Maintain

Epoxy flooring is both low maintenance and easy to clean. The stain-resistant surface repels permanent discoloration or marring, and the smoothness of the floor makes it easy to clean with a broom, mop, or vacuum. And since epoxy flooring has industrial level adhesion it won’t flake, peel, or require routine maintenance to retain its durability or high-gloss finish.

Polished and Professional Aesthetic

The top sealer coat of polyaspartic epoxy flooring both strengthens the product and gives it a lustrous final look when dry. The high sheen of epoxy floor coating helps diffuse light throughout a space and gives a polished look to the floor as a whole.

Cost-Effective Options

It’s not just a buyer-friendly price point that makes epoxy floors an attractive and cost-effective flooring option; it’s the combination of customizable features, long-term usage, and a professional and refined look that is still durable and easy to maintain that makes epoxy flooring such an attractive option for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Plus, since epoxy floor coating is installed over the existing concrete floor there is no costly demolition or time-wasting extractions to deal with or pay for.

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Hunter Douglas Dealer Image

Speedy Installation Process

Epoxy flooring is one of the fastest types of floors to have installed into your home or commercial space. First, the prep stage for epoxy floor coating on the bare concrete is minimal since you do not need to remove the old flooring first. The epoxy itself is laid in two easy steps, and the total cure time for the final coat of polyaspartic is only 48 hours. So, in just a few days you could have entirely new epoxy floors installed.

Suited for Heavy Vehicular Use

Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable materials for garage floors. It’s strong enough to endure the frequent heavy loads (a.k.a. cars and trucks) that are constantly driven over it for years on end. Additionally, epoxy garage floor coating is resistant to the corrosive nature of chemical and liquids used in the motors of cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and lawn equipment such as gas, oil, and grease; and in the winter epoxy flooring can also stand up to salt or de-icing chemicals that your car’s wheels may drag home.

Ideal for Cars

An epoxy garage floor can not only take on the use of heavy, motorized vehicles, it can also actually help vehicles maintain top performance. Tire wear and the balance of your car’s wheels can be negatively affected by uneven or damaged cement floors in your garage because routine and repeated patterns of uneven use will produce uneven wear. Homes that have an epoxy garage floor don’t worry about this tire issue since epoxy flooring is unvaryingly smooth and consistent level.

Protection and Safety

Epoxy garage floor coating is a protective overlay that preserves the unlaying cement structure protecting it against cracking or damage caused by heavy use. The epoxy garage floor coating can also make garages safer. By adding textural flake to an epoxy garage floor, you add a slip-resistant feature to improve traction. What’s more, the lighter colors of epoxy garage floor coating deflect light to create a brighter space with enhanced illumination and visibility.

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With so many benefits, it's no wonder that epoxy flooring is a popular option for business and residential spaces. We see the gleaming surface of epoxy flooring in the food and pharmaceutical industries because the hard, sealed surface is more sanitary and easier to keep clean. We see epoxy flooring in commercial complexes and manufacturing sites because the long-term durability and cost-effective price make it ideal for heavy, industrial use in large-scale spaces. And while the benefits and applications of epoxy flooring for commercial spaces are countless, the application for residential use are just as numerable. The most popular application for epoxy flooring in a residential space is garage floor coating, but there are other useful applications as well thanks to the durability and refined look of epoxy floor coating. In homes, epoxy flooring can be used for

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks or Walkways
  • Mudrooms
  • Patios or Decks
  • Balconies
  • Basements
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Man caves
  • Kitchens
  • Or any interior or exterior space with a concrete surface


With over a decade of experience installing epoxy flooring including garage floor coating, Premier Blinds offers the highest level of craftsmanship and final product quality. An epoxy garage floor by Premier Blinds comes with the glowing recommendations of 750 satisfied customers and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Contact the team of design experts at Premier Blinds today to discuss options for your home or business. Premier Blinds is located near Edmond, Oklahoma, and serves communities in the area of Oklahoma City, Nichols Hill, and Edmond, Oklahoma.

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