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Marble Epoxy Floors

There are many areas in your home that can express personality: your furniture, your décor, and even your beautiful drapery. However, you may not have considered that your floors can be another piece of your home that express your style. At Premier Blinds in Edmond, Oklahoma, our professional team can install marble epoxy flooring, sometimes called lava epoxy flooring. This can fit in many spaces in your home to provide a modern, unique, and personal look to your interior.

What is Marble Epoxy Flooring?

Marble epoxy flooring (or lava epoxy flooring) is a style of epoxy flooring that creates a one-of-a-kind marble effect on your floors. In general, epoxy flooring is one of the most durable, budget-friendly, and stylish varieties of hard flooring you can opt for in any area of your home. Epoxy flooring is made from a two-part chemical compound that forms together to create a nearly indestructible coating.

At Premier Blinds, our talented designers can take this durability and high-quality performance one step further by giving your epoxy flooring an appearance of genuine marble. Marble epoxy flooring is often created by incorporating two or more coatings of epoxy that contain metallic pigments. When these coatings are layered and combined, they can create a beautiful marble aesthetic. The most special aspect of marble epoxy flooring is that no two coats are ever the same. When you opt for marble epoxy flooring from Premier Blinds, you know you are receiving a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

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Where to Install Marble Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy flooring can be installed almost anywhere in your home where you want a durable and beautiful foundation, there are certain areas of your home where marble epoxy flooring will make the room pop and stand out amongst the rest of your home.

  • Foyer or Entryway. The foyer or entryway of your home is the first room where guests enter and feel the environment and ambiance of your home. If you let Premier Blinds install marble epoxy flooring in your foyer, your guests will immediately feel like they are walking into a special, unique, and elegant place. Marble epoxy flooring will complement nearly any style of interior design and will also withstand the daily traffic and wear and tear that a foyer experiences.
  • Bathroom. Installing epoxy flooring in your bathroom is a great idea in general as it is durable, resistant to water damage, and even has anti-slip functionality. Your bathroom should be an oasis, a location where you take care of yourself and feel relaxed each day. Marble epoxy flooring will provide that luxurious ambiance and allow you to feel elegant during your time in your peaceful environment.
  • Kitchen. There are few rooms in a home that see more foot traffic than your kitchen. All day long, family members are in and out of the kitchen to prepare meals, grab snacks, or just catch up with one another. Installing marble epoxy flooring will give your kitchen a lovely aesthetic and create a warm and welcoming environment where your family members will want to spend time together. Additionally, kitchens can be a messy place, and epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain, so you do not have to worry about kitchen upkeep when it comes to your floors.
  • Pool Area. Marble epoxy flooring can even be installed around your pool area! Your pool area should be a peaceful, relaxing environment, and marble epoxy flooring will provide an air of luxury and calmness so you can enjoy your outdoor escape.

Why choose Premier Blinds?

For more than 10 years, Premier Blinds has installed beautiful and long-lasting epoxy flooring in countless areas of your Oklahoma homes, and we want to take that service up a notch by providing beautiful marble, or lava, epoxy flooring for your next project. All epoxy floor coatings from Premier Blinds are supported by a 10-year warranty, so your lovely new marble epoxy flooring will withstand the test of time and you do not have to worry about maintenance, upkeep, or paying for repairs.

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If you want to add a sense of elegance, sophistication, uniqueness, and personality to your home, then marble epoxy flooring from Premier Blinds is the perfect flooring option for your next home project. In addition to epoxy flooring, we offer the entire line of superior Hunter Douglas window treatments and specialize in motorized window coverings. Contact us today to talk to a member of our team about your epoxy flooring needs. Premier Blinds proudly serves Edmond, Piedmont, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Moore, Choctaw, Midwest City, Guthrie, and Stillwater, Oklahoma.